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About Us.

UBS was established with passion to helping people to have sustainable energy, that is safe, reliable, clean, effective and efficient. We believe sustainable energy supports sustainable living and what we do makes a difference.

Why UBS.

We have a common dream to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Our Vision.

To be a high performance Company that foster productivity growth, prosperity and environmental safeguard.

Our Mission.

* Providing environmentally friendly energy technology.
* Utilizing energy to improve the quality of life.
* Promote energy use to drive economic dovlopment.
* Conduct environmentally friendly bussiness activities.


Some of our projects.

National Main Stadium


National Main Stadium, On-Grid Solar 420 kWp.


South East Sulawesi

Wakatobi, Solar PV Power Plant 857 kWp.

Amerta Indah Otsuka

Sukabumi, West Java

SHELL Petrol Station

Bogor, West Java

Commercial PV System.

Railway Station

Batang, Central Java

Commercial PV System.

Resto Apung

Sidoarjo, East Java

Residential PV System.

Residential PV System

On-Grid Solar PV System.

PV Diesel Hybrid with Battery Survey

PV Diesel System Hybrid.


Renewable Energy. Energy Storage System. Smart Energy Solution.

Renewable Energy

Energy Storage System

Smart Energy Solution

Different Energy.

Electricity supply with SMA solutions: See how it works

What Clients say?

Hasil pekerjaan rapi, teknisi care terhadap pelanggan dan mau diajak diskusi hal yang pelanggan belum paham apalagi kualitas instalasinya bagus.

Mr. Zuhed Nur ...

Mantap, setelah menggunakan Renewable Energy. Pengeluaran untuk membayar listrik jadi semakin hemat

Mr. Tjiekah ...

Teamnya sangat handal dan dapat dipercaya, dengan standar internasional , bravo!!!

Indra Pamungkas ...